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Catalonia in Spain is referred to "forward-looking district", and as bases of Mediterranean trade, it has been embraced a new culture through the negotiation with environment from long ago. Up-and-coming spirit of this district had been strongly taken over dwellers, so many world-famous artists were generated such as Dali and Miro who are popular as avant-garde works in the field of modern art. Sant Pol De Mar in Catalonia is blessed with an abundance of seafood and riches of the soil.
In appreciation for the blessings of nature from season to season, abundant seasonal vegetables and fruits are used for both meat and fish dishes.

Although the assortment of meat or fish and seasonal fruits may be unfamiliar for Japanese on first sight, it is one of traditional cuisines effected by unrestricted Catalan atmosphere. Every cuisine that expresses the flavor of the ingredients obediently, not making a display of its eccentricity, gives an impression of the innovative freshness.

We offer the real "Restaurant Sant Pau" cuisine also in Tokyo branch, reproducing the sensitive and artistic dish perfectly by local staff and local foodstuff acquired through in-house import.
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