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Carme Ruscalleda

Born in Sant Pol De Mar village, Catalonia district, Spain.
After marriage with Tony Balham from the same province,
opened "Restaurant Sant Pau" in July, 1988.

On the basis of the traditional cuisine in Catalonia, her local city, her creative cuisine that is modernized by her up-and-coming sensitivity has become popular at a blow. After two and half years since inaguration, in 1990 she received first Michelin star. In 8 years since inauguration, in 1996 second star, and in 2006 third Michelin star was given. Her cuisine on the concept and self-pride like "Cooking is art, communicaiton and culture" casts a spell on guests not only in Spain but also from all over the world.

Since the inauguration in July 1988, I keep on creating Catalan and modern cuisine. I am pleased that I can offer the culture of Catalan cuisine in a great restaurant in Tokyo. I am really looking forward to your visit.

Dear Guests,

January of the new year has presented us with the opportunity to introduce you to the new gastronomic delights of our tasting menu inspired by the world of spices.

El mes de gener de 2018, ens motiva per oferir-vos novetats gastronòmiques a la carta. No us perdeu el nou Menú Degustació : Inspirat en el món de les espècies.

El mes de enero de 2018, nos motiva para ofrecerles novedades gastronómicas en la carta. No se pierdan el nuevo Menú Degustación : Inspirado en el mundo de las especias.

Carme Ruscalleda
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